Terms and Conditions

This guarantee is proof that LOGÍSTICA EN MODAS MEDINA S.A.S. guarantees the quality, suitability and safety of the services and products it sells in the terms promoted by Law 1480/2011 (Consumer Statute), and by which it is obliged to respond to consumers, administratively before the supervision and control authorities and liable for damages for defective products and services.

In the provision of services in which the provider has an obligation of means, the guarantee is given, not by the result, but by the quality conditions in the provision of the service, according to the conditions established in mandatory regulations , in those offered or in the ordinary and habitual ones of the market(1).


i) The service must have the quality, suitability and safety required by law and by signing this agreement, the client accepts that the provider has explained any concerns (if applicable) regarding the purchased service, and therefore is aware of the characteristics, limitations and results to be expected from it.

ii) The information reported by the provider will include the price of the service (in addition to the fact that it will be reflected in the invoice) with all taxes included. Once the purchase has been made, the supplier will provide the customer with a copy of said invoice.

iii) strong> The supplier assumes the totally free repair of the effects caused by the adverse events that are his responsibility in the case of custom-made garments. p>

iv) The guarantee can only be claimed at the office located at Cra 45 No. 85-. If the event occurs at the headquarters of a franchisee, the claim must be filed directly with the franchisee.

v) At the time of sale, the supplier must explain the characteristics of the product and/or services in as much detail as possible, especially in the case of custom-made garments. Additionally, it must have the customer's agreement regarding the garment made. The signature by the client of this agreement implies that the purchased product complies with the characteristics and conditions described here and desired by it. Note that this agreement must not be signed by the customer who purchases regular garments, who will receive notification of acceptance of this policy on their corresponding invoice.

vi) The information provided by the supplier must be: clear, truthful, sufficient, timely, verifiable, accurate and always in Spanish.

vii) At the time of claiming the guarantee, the seller must evaluate the request in order to assess whether the terms of this agreement are likely to be applied. In the event that such terms do not apply, you must have on hand and show the consumer a copy of the service contract and the Warranty Agreement signed by the customer, showing the terms under which the service cannot be claimed under warranty. p>

viii) In the event that the claim is admitted through the guarantee system, there are two possible scenarios: a) If it is a regular garment, a bonus is delivered for the value of the originally acquired garment. Said bonus will only be redeemable at the GORETTY MEDINA premises. b) If it is a garment made to measure, a bonus equivalent to forty percent (40%) of the total value of the garment will be delivered. Said bonus will only be exchangeable at GORETTY MEDINA premises and in no case transferable to third parties.

ix) In the event that the guarantee is inadmissible, the seller/advisor must inform the client of such event and issue proof of said information that must be signed by the client. In it, the problem identified will be described and it will be stated that the client has been informed that the reflected adversity is the cause of the inapplicability of the requested guarantee.

x) In the case of products sold remotely or by non-traditional methods, the conditions stipulated in CHAPTER V of the consumer statute regarding the right of withdrawal and return will apply.


i) The guarantor is responsible for products with manufacturing and/or design defects present in the goods and services provided.

ii) The exceptions to liability in these cases will be those applicable pursuant to the provisions of article 22 of Law 1480/2011.


i) The guarantee of the products will only be valid if the client goes to the supplier within a term of thirty (30) days counted from the date reflected